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Oak Grove experienced a growth in its population beginning in the 1970s as families from nearby Hattiesburg moved to the community. Schools, churches, businesses and newspapers were established, as were “the seeds of a long-running dispute about incorporation versus annexation by Hattiesburg”.[2]

In 1987, the city of Hattiesburg filed a petition seeking to expand its corporate boundaries into Oak Grove. In response, the “Oak Grove Concerned Citizens Association” filed a petition in favor of incorporating the City of Oak Grove. Both petitions were denied. In 1991, the petitions were appealed to the Supreme Court of Mississippi. Testimony at the appeal included the following:

If you look at a map, the political boundaries removed, you will think Oak Grove a part of Hattiesburg. If you drive through the area, Oak Grove will appear residential Hattiesburg. The phone company treats Oak Grove and Hattiesburg as one, Hattiesburg being the one. The Post Office has not given Oak Grove a zip code. If you follow the average Oak Grovian around, day by day, you will find that he works, plays, shops in Hattiesburg everything but “sleeps and pays taxes,” and you will wonder why Oak Grove is not politically a part of Hattiesburg.


Oak Grove

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If you find yourself in Oak Grove, definitely make time to stop by Church Street Cakery or Conni Cone Snowballs for a sweet snack. Other wonderful landmarks include Learning Tree Preschool LLC, the Oak Grove Middle School, and of course the beautiful Oak Grove Public Library.