Hattiesburg Arts Council Inc

Hattiesburg, Mississippi is also known as “The Hub City” is one of the fastest developing areas in Mississippi. It is a college town and has many cultural and recreational attractions (one of them the Hattiesburg Arts Council Gallery), community, and social services which contribute to the superb quality of life in the town. Today, let’s talk about this historic gallery.

About the Art Gallery

The historic building is solely owned and operated by the city. With its large windows and high ceilings, display works created by local artists can be seen in the gallery which gives a sense of belonging to lovers of art and culture.

The gallery regularly hosts events that promote all aspects of art throughout the community, it also houses a permanent collection of art by Mississippi artists and features periodic traveling exhibits

The Art Gallery is a great place for you if you are looking to actively participate in the art community.

Activities you can participate in at the Art Gallery

From the gallery’s accessibility to the public, to its provision of services to collectors and its support to artists, it makes it a wonderful place for art and culture lovers.

Major activities available in the gallery are;

– Batucada Adult Drum Circle: A heart full of fun, a drum and a chair are the only things needed to enjoy this activity to the fullest!

– HAC smART Space: Family bonding time! Go for an interactive exhibit for children and families at the smART space. Space is a great place to showcase that hidden artistic side you and your family have.

– HAC Senior Readers Theatre: Senior citizens are not left out, the theatre incorporates fun skits, techniques, and props to keep the elderly moving and smiling. Elderly people can have fun too!

Other activities that can be done at the gallery include;

– Jamming at the Jook: The Jook is a spot downtown where you can practice music with your favorite instruments and a couple of friends.

– Hattiesburg Pop-up Concerts

– Hattiesburg Fine Art Exhibits

– Photography Competitions

– Hattiesburg Pottery Openings

From the art classes for all ages to the Jook installment, you’re in for an enjoyable ride.

Location of the gallery:

The Hattiesburg Arts Council Gallery is located at the Hattiesburg Cultural Center which is situated at 723, Main street, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA.

The display hours for the gallery are inconsistent because it is a multiple-use building.