Audubon Towing

Audobon is a neighborhood of Hattiesburg, located in about the center of the city, as mostly a residential area. The Racquet Club of Hattiesburg is nearby, and Gordon’s Creek runs along underneath it. Also nearby is Woodland Presbyterian Church, off of Lincoln Rd, as is the Lincoln Road Baptist Church. If you take Lincoln Rd to S 40th Ave and then a left onto 40th Pl, you’ll find the Iva & Chuck Carter museum as well.

Overall Audobon is a quiet neighborhood in Hattiesburg, where most residents stay at home and go out as needed. Local churches nearby provide a convenient place to worship, and Lincoln’s connection to Broadway makes it easy to commute to the rest of town.

Audobon, Hattiesburg, MS

Regardless of where you are in or around Hattiesburg or Audobon, you can always call us for fast towing. We’re open 24/7 and always ready to serve.

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