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☒ Impounded Vehicle location. Unfortunately we are unable to provide any help in gathering information regarding an impounded vehicle. Please call the Purvis Police Department at (601) 794-6512.

☒ Private lot towing without a contract. To set up a private lot impounding contract, please give us a call to set that up.

Towing Service Purvis MS

Purvis Towing Service connects you with the preferred and best rated towing service. It also have roadside assistance providers in Purvis and surrounding areas. With us you are guaranteed to receive the best service from a professionally trained tow truck driver near you quickly. Moreover with all the 24/7 tow services, tire changes, lockout services, and roadside assistance you’re in need of.

* Prices vary depending on size of vehicle, time of day, and necessity of equipment. Call now for an instant price.

Purvis towing service

If you searched for “tow truck near me”, “towing near me”, “towing company near me”, “towing service near me”, “tow truck companies near me”, tow truck service near me”, “roadside assistance near me”, “wrecker service near me”, or “24 hour towing near me”, you’ve found the right place. We provide full 24 hour towing and wrecker services near you and are available all over the city at any hour. 

Purvis Roadside Assistance Services

Here are the services we offer in the Purvis area:

+ Roadside Assistance

+ Jump Start Dead Battery / Mobile Battery Service

+ Flatbed Tow Truck Assistance

+ Tire Change / Flat Tire Service

+ Motorcycle Towing

+ Winching and Off-road Vehicle Recovery

+ Out of Gas Help / Fuel Delivery

+ Local Towing & Long Distance Towing

+ Heavy Duty Towing / RV Towing

Purvis roadside assistance

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Reasons to Choose Purvis Towing

1. Quick Response 24/7 Emergency Service

No leaving messages, no call-backs. Call our emergency towing hotline at any time of the day or night. You’ll get an immediate response from one of our staff members with the availability and response time of our nearest tow truck.

2. Experienced and Professionally Trained Operators

We only work with experienced and professional tow truck operators. With over a collective hundred years of experience, you can rest assured that real, qualified help is on the way.  They’ll get it done, and they’ll get it done right. 

3. Quality Towing Equipment 

An operator is only as good as his equipment, and our towing service providers have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the finest towing equipment out there. Our tow trucks are carefully maintained to ensure complete safety for you and your vehicle every time.

4. Unbeatable Value (Service & Price)

Our tow trucks have a reputation for being the most reliable and affordable tow trucks in the Purvis area. They provide cheap towing services near me while providing quality service. Also customer care to get you back on the road quickly and safely. We pride ourselves in being the easy choice for Purvis Towing Services.

5. We Cover the Entire Purvis Area

It doesn’t matter where you are in and around Purvis. If we can make it to you in a time-frame that you need, we’ll be there. No task is too great or small for us to help with. You can count on us for the smaller roadside assistance needs like needing a battery jump. We provide fuel delivery, or flat tire repair, too.

Towing, RV breakdown towing, semi or 18 wheeler towing is all oart of our service, so call us and get help now. We’ll take your call, 24/7, day or night, rain or shine.

Five Star Customer Service

We are proud to offer 24-hour towing and tow truck service Purvis MS, and it shows in our first class customer experience. When it comes to roadside rescue or towing services. A friendly attitude of service can help make unfortunate situation more bearable and pleasant.

When you call our number, you’ll get a live dispatcher who’s been trained to ensure your needs are understood and promptly met in a hassle free manner. If you’re calling our 24-hour towing hotline, we understand the situation is stressful. Furthermore our primary goal is to put you at ease while we get you on your way as swiftly as possible.

Purvis Towing service provides Purvis with cheap towing service, but while maintaining the highest quality in professional towing and roadside services. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, and it is our primary objective for you to be completely satisfied.

Our operator won’t leave you until he or she knows you are satisfied. They also sure that they have been provided with the all the services you need to be back on your way given your unique circumstances. We are the budgetary choice, the quality choice, and the easy choice! 

Purvis Towing Services


Provides the area’s best and professional towing and roadside service to Purvis residents and guests. You can count on FAST Purvis tow truck services to always provide quick, courteous, and affordable towing and roadside assistance on each and every job.

Although we hope you won’t need us often, we aim to give you such a good experience with us that we’ll earn your repeat business. If you ever need tow truck or related towing services again. No job is too small or too great for us. No matter what it is, we are 100% at your disposal. This is why you should call tow truck service Purvis MS when you need help!

We frequently provide a wide range of roadside assistance services in Purvis such as flat tire help, roadside breakdowns, bus towing, dead battery service, battery jumpstarting and battery boost, crash and accident recovery, heavy equipment towing, RV towing, motorcycle towing, fuel delivery for out-of-gas roadside assistance.


Also the light and medium-duty towing, collision recovery, heavy-duty towing, long distance towing, local towing, wrecker service, junk car removal, emergency roadside assistance, and flatbed towing. With extensive experience and best value in the area, you can count on us to give you cheap towing services with the best value possible. We are the smart consumer’s choice! If you’re looking for towing service near me, don’t delay in getting in touch ASAP. 

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24 Hour Towing: Cheap, Fast, Respectful

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Our flat bed trucks ensure your car or truck is kept safe from wear and tear during transit
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Purvis Towing Services & Roadside Assistance 601-228-5601

Roadside Assistance Services

Emergency Roadside Service

We have professional drivers all over the area at all times, to ensure that our operators get you on your way with cheap roadside service. And when we say cheap, we mean affordable rescue services.

Nothing about our service is cheap (except the price!). Above all, we prioritize your safety and will ensure in every situation that rescue efforts will keep out of danger.

Before you call another towing service in the Purvis area and hire a full-scale tow truck. Give us a call to find out if you can avoid that extra expense in exchange for a less expensive, more fitting service.

Our live dispatchers will be able to diagnose the quickest and most affordable solution to whatever’s keeping you. If it is appropriate, send a driver you way to provide one of our less expensive services that will get you back on the road cheaper and quicker! 

Out of Gas Assistance / Fuel Delivery

If all you need is a little gas, give us a call and we’ll send someone out to you right away. Don’t spend the next half hour walking to the gas station, especially at night. The safe choice is a quick call to our live, 24-hour dispatch, and we’ll send someone to you with fuel to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. 

Jump Start Service

Car won’t start? We know it’s a bummer, but don’t be fooled into getting a tow to a car shop for an expensive repair before having a professional roadside assistance expert check it out. Your vehicle may just be refusing to start because of drained battery, and an affordable battery jump is all you need to get back on your way.

Our objective is to get you back on the road as quickly, as affordably, and as easily as possible, and we can help determine if a battery jump could do that, or whether you’ll need something more.

Battery Replacement Service

If your battery can’t be jumped, we can often install a brand new battery right then and there. Replacing a battery costs more than a battery jump service, but definitely much less than a tow truck! Towing is our last resort, and if we can get you on your way without it, we will. 

FAST Purvis Towing
& Roadside Assistance

Flat Tire Assistance

Flat tire? Blowout? Not to worry, our professional drivers can usually change it for you right on the spot and get you on your way quickly. If you don’t feel confident changing a tire on your own, or you’re in an area or at a time where you don’t feel safe doing it by yourself.

You can call us to get a professional expert out to help make sure you get back on the road safely and quickly. Our friendly operators will connect you with a tow truck and roadside assistance service expert ASAP. 

Vehicle Lockout Service

Firstly, don’t feel bad about accidentally doing this. We’ve all done it more than once! Just give us a call and we’ll get a truck to your location ASAP to unlock your vehicle cheaply, and get you back on your way.

Expert Towing Services

Emergency Towing

We always have someone available to assist you in your emergency towing services needs in the Purvis area. Doesn’t matter what time it is or where you are, call Purvis towing company and we’ll have someone in your location quickly. They will get you on your way as fast as possible.

Our trucks are capable of handling a large range of vehicle sizes and types. Just call our 24-hour live dispatch to get the best price and availability so you can get back on the road ASAP.

“They’re the best towing services near me!” – John B. 

Long-Distance Towing

For any long-distance and medium-distance towing needs, you can count on us to get your vehicle there safely and affordably. Give us a call to schedule your long-distance towing service. At Purvis Tow Truck we can have partners who can provide long distance towing. Not always available, however call for availability!

Accident / Crash / Wreck Recovery

Accidents are stressful and thinking about your car can be the least of your concerns. Once our driver is on his way you can stop worrying about your vehicle and what will happen next. Our drivers are experienced in accident recovery and have seen pretty much everything you can in an accident. 

With their high degree of training and their experience, they will safely and expertly get your car loaded and on it’s way to wherever you choose. We are the most vehicle friendly towing and roadside service in Purvis. 

FAST Purvis Towing & Roadside Assistance

Purvis, MS 39475

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tow truck service near me

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“I looked up tow trucks near me and found this company to be FAST as the name describes!” – Rebecca M.

“I live outside of Hattiesburg and it can be hard to find a reliable towing company near me, but this service was great.” Pete C.

“The best Purvis tow company without a shadow of a doubt.” – Deborah H. 

FAST Purvis Towing and Roadside Assistance

Purvis, MS 39475


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