Train Depot

Hattiesburg is called Hub City because of its location in the cross rail lines, it’s boomed in the center local lumber industry, during this period, Depot underwent a full rehabilitation from the 2000s. This historic Train Depot is in  Downtown Hattiesburg. Aside from the fact that Hattiesburg serves as residents to many, it also provides an entertaining environment for dining, shopping with high professional services. The city got her name from Hardy who named it after his wife Hattie in honor of her; this was incorporated in 1884. The story of Hattiesburg will never be completely told without mentioning the cross lines which have led it to be famously known as the Hub City, and this is where the Train Depot Downtown was birthed.

The Train Depot Downtown Hattiesburg

In this city most especially in the train station, it has been argued by so many as the birthing center for the well-known rock and roll. Many notable musicians have made this place Known in their music and are claimed to be Hattiesburg residents. The Train Depot is located at the Newman Buschman railroad in the historical district of Hattiesburg, it is the city’s oldest neighboring and the former site for the Newman Lumber company. The depot is the linking of so many historic Hattiesburg neighborhood districts, like the historic district of downtown, the hub city Newman Buschman et al.

We can affirm that one of the most beautiful and attractive places to host events is the Train Depot, which has catalyzed downtown and its surrounding district today is the restoration and reinvestment. The Depot is the heart of downtown, and it also represents an iconic for Hattiesburg. Hattiesburg Train Depot in 2007 was rededicated and made its function as the intermodal transport place for bus, taxi, and rail services, it’s a style of building that made space available and possible for special occasions, events, exhibitions, and meetings.

Why Visit

Train Depot Downtown, for its architectural significance and massiveness in space, creates room for meetings, hosting of events, and other exhibitions. You can never be short of what to see or do in the Train Depot, as it gives room for investment and other business opportunities, with the sprinkle of economic incentives.


The Train Depot is located in Hattiesburg, MS 39401, Train depot in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.