Okatoma Creek

The Okatoma Creek times referred to as the Okatoma river is known mainly for canoeing, picnicking, camping, and kayaking experience particularly and it’s near Seminary, Mississippi, where several boat rental businesses take place. 

About The Okatoma Creek

The Okatoma Creek is located at the city of seminary, South Central Mississippi near Sanford and seminary United States. It is a tributary of the river. A tributary of the Bouie River of Mississippi. It is part of the watershed of the Pascagoula River. And its etymology is Choctaw meaning shining water.

Services Includes

Canoe rentals, which includes a life jacket and transportation mainly by bus to the Okatoma Creek, as well as top-notch superb changing facilities and a lot more spice experience on your tour.

Reasons To Love Okatoma Creek

There are numerous reasons to fall in love with our top-notch canoeing, picnicking, kayaking, and camping experience in Okatoma Creek, and some of these many reasons includes,

– Gently flowing pristine stream with sandbars, waterfalls, shoal, bluffs, and high banks covered with Maple, birch, and magnolias providing a canopy effect; a variety of Flora, wildlife, and riverine species.

– There’s plenty of room for camping and leisure experience both for the young and old.

– There’s a provision for buses for easy access to areas.

– There’s an ideal facility for a large community of people or groups, you can enjoy canoeing and kayaking on the Okatoma Creek, a large fire pit, and other mouth-watering offers at the ideal facility otherwise known as the bunkhouse.

– Kayak is stable in the water, a person can use one kayak at a time as it can accommodate anyone of any age ranging from 8-100 years of age and you’re provided with one double blade paddle and a life vast to prevent an accident.

– When it comes to canoeing, Okatoma Creek is second to none and the best and gives the best leisure time experience in Mississippi and its environs.

– Their facilities and equipment are the best in offering these services and it is been inspected by a qualified engineer at intervals to detect faulty or worn-out equipment.

– they have experienced divers who are always in standby positions and ever ready to come into rescue if the need for it ever arises.

Operating Time

8 am-6 pm each working day of the week and weekends.