African American Military History Museum

Hattiesburg city in Mississippi commonly known as the “Hub City,” is a small city that is blessed with several natural parks, recreational centers, museums, and historical venues.  Among the beautiful places to visit in this historic downtown district are the African American History Museum, a well-preserved 19th-century home, and its historical heritage.

All about the African American Military History Museum

Dedicated especially to the brave hearts who were African American soldiers and were stationed at Camp Shelby is this beautiful history museum. The African American Military Museum has been part of the Mississippi landmark list since 2010. The Museum was originally a USO building and was built especially as a house for an African American USO during World War Two. After that, the building also served as a home for several African American soldiers who were stationed at Camp Shelby.

This museum shares stories of African-American Militaries from Hattiesburg who served the US since the war. Inside the building, there was an auditorium, a lobby meeting room, and other important structures. The USO building was then renovated later and reopened as a museum to the conventional public and today it houses many important military exhibits. It’s been divided into various sections specializing in different themes such as World War II, warfare, Vietnam war, the Revolutionary War, and more. There’s also a hall of honor for the service personnel and their sacrifices.

Other than the above, there are many collections, photos, artifacts, and unique displays, which include one in all the foremost complete sets of authentic war medals. Their acts of valor and bravado while under attack are presented with honor at the Hattiesburg’s African American History Military Museum to show their courage and patriotism.

Exhibits At The African American Military History Museum 

There are many exhibitions at this museum which includes:

– World War II: Hattiesburg’s own Ruth Bailey Earl stands within the center as a logo of the indomitable spirit of the African American soldier and therefore the African American woman. 

– The Founding of Hattiesburg exhibition: Hattiesburg, founded by William H. Hardy, was incorporated in 1884.

– World War I: Mud, smoke, and artillery—experience WWI from the trenches and through the eyes of Henry Johnson, a non-public within the Army.

Planning a trip to Hattiesburg Mississippi, the Africa American Military Museum is one of the places to visit and get to learn more about history.

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