Why You Should Come to Hattiesburg, MS

Hattiesburg is a college town, home to the University of Southern Mississippi, and also is one of the most progressive areas in the state. Its low cost of living, favorable business climate, recreational and cultural attractions, and community and social services contribute to its outstanding quality. Hattiesburg has developed a pro-business culture and low-cost structure deeply rooted in a diverse and robust economy. Just south of the city is Camp Shelby, the most extensive National Guard training base east of the Mississippi River. Learn more here.

History of Hattiesburg, MS

Hattiesburg gained its nickname, the Hub City, in 1912 as a result of a contest in a local newspaper. It was named because it was at the intersection of several famous rail lines. Later, U.S. Highway 49U.S. Highway 98 and U.S. Highway 11, and later, Interstate 59 also intersected in and near Hattiesburg.

The region around Hattiesburg was involved in testing during the development of weapons in the Cold War’s nuclear arms race. In the 1960s, two nuclear devices were detonated in the salt domes near Lumberton, Mississippi, about 28 miles southwest of Hattiesburg. Extensive follow-up of the area by the EPA has not revealed nuclear contamination levels in the area that would be harmful to humans. Learn more about Hattiesburg, MS Is Perfect for Outdoor Fun.


Hattiesburg, MS

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