Things to Do in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Craft Your Own Hattiesburg Adventure

Whether outdoor adventure or stepping it up on the exciting scene is your tea, Hattiesburg has a little something to offer everyone. Grab your spokes and bike 41 miles down the Longleaf Trace

Plan a family outing visiting the Hattiesburg Zoo to climb high in the sky at The High Ropes Adventure Course. Pop into a shop in Downtown Hattiesburg or revel in the excellent scene for a bite at a Midtown Hattiesburg eatery. Thirsty? Round off your evening with beats or brews. You create your own experience in Hattiesburg, MS. Learn information about Hattiesburg, MS.

Birdie in Hattiesburg, MS 

A significant draw to Hattiesburg is its many golf courses, including championship options. Whether you’re looking to make a day of it with a few friends or want to squeeze in the back nine on a free afternoon, golfers have plenty of courses from which to choose. Visitors can check out Shadow Ridge and Timberton near Midtown. Local? Private courses like Canebrake and the Hattiesburg Country Club offer even more options. Want to try your hand at disc golf? No worries! Tatum Park has a beautiful course that is free to play. With a bright blue sky overhead, you’re on par for a great day on the green in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Discover facts about Why You Should Come to Hattiesburg, MS.



Hattiesburg, MS

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